Flowplayer · Poster video attribute


For smoother HLS playback in modern browsers we load the hlsjs plugin.

<!-- Flowplayer library -->
<script src="//releases.flowplayer.org/6.0.5/flowplayer.min.js"></script>
<!-- Flowplayer hlsjs engine -->
<script src="//releases.flowplayer.org/hlsjs/flowplayer.hlsjs.min.js"></script>



.flowplayer {
background-color: #000;



By adding the is-closeable state class to the container element one can always return to poster state by clicking on the close button top right.

<div data-ratio="0.4167" class="is-closeable no-background flowplayer">
<video poster="https://flowplayer.com/media/img/logo-blue.png"
data-title="Poster video attribute">
<source type="application/x-mpegurl" src="//edge.flowplayer.org/bauhaus.m3u8">
<source type="application/x-mpegurl" src="//edge.flowplayer.org/bauhaus.m3u8">
<source type="video/mp4" src="//edge.flowplayer.org/bauhaus.mp4">